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To focus our efforts in this article series we define the beginning and end points. The Beginning Point You want to establish a new business on the Internet because of all the advantages you know exist with doing business exclusively on the Internet.  Just to list a few: No need to carry physical inventory No need to deal with paying customers face to face You can conduct your business from anywhere (even Starbucks or McDonalds) You can pick any niche you want (preferably one in high demand you can make money with) The barriers for entry of a new Internet business are the lowest of any startup (lowest capital requirements) You have the desire and determination to work at your new business to make it successful (success does not just fall into your lap.) One End Point You have established one line of cash flow and know everything about it and how you arrived at this... (more)

Think You Can Start An Internet Business And Make Money Fast? You Have Been Thoroughly Misled

Current Businesses If you already have a business and want to put it on the internet to expand it, you have a good start here. But it will not be something that is going to make you money quickly. You may be able to increase sales with your current customers, but it still takes time and effort (and money of course). New Businesses If you want to start a new Internet business, you have your work cut out for you. If you expect to make fast money then your expectations are inappropriate. You must build a solid foundation and get some credibility expressed on the web if you are creatin... (more)

Creating A New Business On The Internet: From Ground Zero to Cash Flow | Richard E. Byrd

Creating A New Business On The Internet: From Ground Zero to Cash Flow | Richard E. Byrd Shared via AddThis ... (more)

The Automated Internet Marketing Advice Blog

This is an Internet Marketing Advice Blog, I post articles and info about how to be more successful with your internet marketing efforts and Internet business. The realities of making money on the Internet. Richard E. Byrd [email protected] Your personal IT Department To begin, there is a new wave of marketing going on in this day and age. In my properties, you will find there has been a drastic change in the way internet marketers are doing their work. In summary, it is all based on service. Service for the ones trying to market and service presentation for the prospec... (more)

EverythingForTheNetFree or Everything For The Net Free

Being sound and entrenched in computer software and Internet technologies, I did research into creating online business for the masses. This eventually reduced to the level of being able to get a viable and reliable business website into the hands of the average working class. After much painstaking scouring of the Internet, I decided the only way to do that was to be able to get the site free from the ground up. Everything free to establish an Internet presence for a business, including software to carry that business 100% on the Internet so it could be operated from anywhere at ... (more)