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Think You Can Start An Internet Business And Make Money Fast? You Have Been Thoroughly Misled

Current Businesses
If you already have a business and want to put it on the internet to expand it, you have a good start here. But it will not be something that is going to make you money quickly. You may be able to increase sales with your current customers, but it still takes time and effort (and money of course).

New Businesses
If you want to start a new Internet business, you have your work cut out for you. If you expect to make fast money then your expectations are inappropriate. You must build a solid foundation and get some credibility expressed on the web if you are creating your own niche. Otherwise you can sell product on the Internet (I am not referring to going into competition with Amazon or any company like that).

Any type of product which requires you to make a monthly payment to use the product you are selling is questionable. Especially if it looks like you could make back your initial investment before your next monthly payment is due. These types of businesses are too easily abused to take advantage of the population (think Ponzi scheme) wanting to "make money now", and you being new to the Internet business arena; how could you possibly tell the difference?

The addage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true." Remember that? Also, "You can't get something for nothing." These are immensly true on the Internet.

For products which are a copy of a profitable business given to you as a complete "system" or "method", most likely there is extremely stiff competition out there already (how do you think they know it was profitable without proving it?) and you are in no position as a new Internet business to go against competition like that. Besides, why else would they be selling it if they had not already obtained the low hanging fruit from the business? Because they need affiliate marketers to make their money easier.

The affiliate marketing sector is a viable manner to make money on the Internet, but not by creating a site of affiliate products to sell. Where is your market? You have to create it, and that takes time, effort and some money.

You use either PPC or SEO and you should know every correct guideline for these types of advertising before venturing into these waters. In any case it takes time, effort and analysis of data to be able to make your marketing and sales conversions profitable.

If you think you can offer the public everything they want and you should be able to make money, then you are venturing toward competing with Amazon, Target, Best Buy and that ilk.

Realistically even with a better mousetrap, you still have to get them beating down your door to buy it from you!

Just for taking the time to read this entry all the way to the end, I am going to give you two actually FREE items so you know what FREE should mean on the internet (but the vast majority of the time does not):

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(which by the way you could buy from Amazon today, but don't unless you need a hardcopy)

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